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Marginalized Folks in Web3.0

"Where do I find my people in Web3?"


"But Why?"

Above is a calendar with events, meetings, and/or twitter spaces that are hosted by and for marginalized communities. We center BIPOC, Women, Nonbinary, and LGBTQ2IA+ people. To start it off, the calendar will be open for all folx that identify as marginalized, so that we might start an organized hub of events of all colors, shapes, and sizes.

"Why this Calendar?"

So one of your friends finally talks you into looking into NFTs, Metaverse, Crypto and/or any of the hot Web3 buzzwords. For some people technology is not inherently valuable, but does become valuable when said technology benefits your own life or the lives of loved ones.
Web3 is a new space with undiscovered territories that we hope to fill with the creations of diverse backgrounds, inclusive experiences, and various cultures.

We are sharing the emerging tools of web3 so that YOU can develop your own skills, relationships, and projects in the economy of the future.


The world is a big place and web3 makes it even bigger, but it's important to find your people. We want you to FIND and CONNECT with the folx that want to and can relate to you.

How to add to iWeb3 Calendar 


When you create your events on google calendar simply invite our iWeb3 as a guest to your event and it will automatically be added to our calendar


Integrate this calendar directly to your google calendar with the URL

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