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About the Founder

Our Founder, St0sh1(She/ They), is an intersectional, multifaceted creator. She spends her days living curiously, creating, and engineering things that spark joy and has the potential to shift energy in a positive way.

With a background in electrical and computer engineering, over 10 years of research & development experience, St0sh1 enjoys demystifying abstract technical concepts and helping others understand the capabilities & potential of emerging technologies.

Creativity compliments St0sh1’s curiosity as she also continuously builds her portfolio as a musician, producer, writer, and saxophonist. Classically trained on saxophone, St0sh1 also ventured off into performing in everything from indie, hardcore, ska, and jazz bands. 
When asked about how having a technical perspective works with the creative right side of her brain, she replies “that they amplify each other.”

St0sh1 hopes that by fully embracing their authentic self, their life will find alignment, healing, and wholeness. They hope their work inspires people to take the time they need to discover themselves in their journey of life so that they can exist at their highest vibrational frequency.


Why Web3?

She has always considered blockchain, crypto, metaverse, and the overall web3 ecosystem to be the most disruptive technology of our time. Fascinated with the technical possibilities, St0sh1 also see’s endless ethical responsibility and need to build for folx who are traditionally marginalized. What does the world look like when people of all different colors, sizes, cultures, and backgrounds have the opportunity to create and transact value digitally? Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
The barrier to entry in the economy of the future is lower than ever, allowing diverse communities to unlock the power of a permissionless, trustless, hyperstructure that is the web3 ecosystem.

St0sh1 created Satoshi Succulents initially as a form of self healing. While recovering from an unexpected surgery she stayed in bed and illustrated all the art via a combination of photography and illustration.
While healing herself it clicked that a greater collective healing can occur through the collection by rooting its purpose in representing and amplifying many of her own intersectional identities as a queer bipoc woman who also centers mental and physical wellness. The convergence of creativity, technology, and purpose was shaped into Satoshi Succulents.

As a creative and a technical being, st0sh1 finds web3 as the perfect place to use her power for good and to help "code" the change they want to see in the world.


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