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Dollar Bills

$1 at a time

Imagine that your $1 dollar bill is your employee and that you are the manager of a business. Payday is like the day all your employees come into work. As the manager it's your job to figure out (ahead of time) who is going to do what around the job right? It's the same thing with your money. 

You need to make a plan.

At first, sitting down and looking at the numbers might be hard and overwhelming- but you have to start somewhere. Start with $1 dollar at a time.

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First, Check out these 4 Categories


Let's start with the things you KNOW you HAVE to pay for.
This category includes things like Rent/ Mortgage, Groceries/ Gas, Child-Care, and Insurance. These are most likely some of your largest bills so lets get them situated first!



This is a category ALOT of people skip--- many believe that there are things NOW that need to pay for and there is "no way to save."

At it's core this is about empathizing with your future self. When the rainy days come (and they WILL come) and you have an emergency- Savings are literally here to SAVE THE DAY.
Love on your future self and put a lil money away in your piggy bank to relieve the unavoidable suprises in life.

Emergency Vehicles
Construction Site

This is where real wealth is built


We have heard the word 1000 times, but it's only for fancy rich people right? 
Historically folks who were not wealthy did not have access to the knowledge, the tools, or the services that are needed to make investments.
The reality is that in 2023, we have no excuse. Apps such as wealthfront, acorns, and other new age saving & investing services are readily available and often times have free or low cost products.

This is a seriously complex, convoluted, confusing, and mysterious topic. Don't be scared though- investing is something personal and best approached with an open mind and open heart.



Damn, we do all this work in life and having fun is the last category?
The good news is, once you get the first 3 categories situated they don't change as often-- meaning if you make more income, you have more guilt free money to spend. Makes sense if you earn more then you then have more funds for FUN.
Focus on getting your first 3 categories solid so that this category can naturally follow and fall into place.

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Dollar Bills

Let's put your $ to work

Next is a link to a spreadsheet to help you on your budgeting journey.
Reflect on your current spending habits and do your best to enter accurate values to get an idea of your current budget health.

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