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What is The Satoshi Succulent Collection?
Our mission is to create an intersectional web3- centering & empowering BIPOC, Women & NonBinary folx, and LGBTQ2IA+ communites.
Additionally we also support and advocate for other minority and intersectional groups dealing with the spectrum and dimensions of our existence such as (but not limited to) chronic illness, neurodivergence, and disability (CIND). We work in tandem with folx who center diversity, equity, and inclusion to create symbiotic relationships to power our growing ecosystem.

Why Web 3.0?
This journey with Web 3 is not a totalistic solution, rather, a way to expand the reach of queer, bipoc, women & nonbinary stories, art, efforts, and products. Web3 technology presents new tools that will drive the economy of the future, and we want people of all backgrounds to be able to safely participate, leverage the growing opportunities, and build spaces that they can see themselves in.

How will Web3 be Intersectional?
Satoshi Succulents is hosting their inaugural MetaMentorship. 11 web 3 artist x 11 IRL artist with a myriad of intersectional identities will collectively make up Satoshi Succulents Resident Artist.
Our goal is to empower folx to discover themselves, share their stories, and symbiotically grow a diverse, inclusive, and equitable web 3. Sharing our art and creations on the blockchain is a futuristic way to preserve parts of ourselves that make us the most special.



Want to join Web3?

Ready to share your Web3 experience?


OUR Resident Artist

We are proud to announce 2 of our Resident Artist.
Anel and Erika, genius creators, healers, and visionaries that are recovering lands in South Texas in order to create a living community that centers creativity, art and healing.


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